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Ceramic prosthetics built to last

Digital 3D CAD/CAM technology makes it easy to restore just about anything dental. I use ceramic technology to model long-lasting solutions from crowns to dentures and everything in between. Patients can go through the entire application process in as little as one day for crowns and bridges. More complex prosthetic treatments are also planned entirely in-house, no external appointments are necessary.

Restore your smile in as little as one day

Ceramic prosthetics are an excellent solution for a wide range of dental issues, from broken to missing teeth. Because our clinic handles the process from consultation to application, our treatments can be completed in under 24 hours in some cases.


In-house application

In-house application

All ceramic prosthetics applied at our clinic in Tallinn

Fast treatment

Fast treatment

Crowns and bridges can take as little as 24h to apply



We use digital 3D CAD/CAM scans instead of clay moulds

Prosthetic solutions and timeframes


Also known as caps, they restore and protect teeth and prosthetics

From 24 hours


An affordable solution for gaps, which uses two or more crowns to hold a prosthetic in place

From 24 hours


An ultra-thin porcelain layer that covers the front surface of the teeth, hiding gaps, stains, or chips

From 24 hours


Removal of the of decayed tooth followed by “filling” the emptied area

From 24 hours


Modelled to help with a range of issues including bruxism, snoring, and retention after orthodontics. They are also used for teeth whitening.

From 24 hours


Custom-made and completely removable tooth and tissue replacements

From 24 hours

How to start ceramic treatments

It all starts with a consultation, followed by a monitored treatment plan to ensure the best possible results.


Book a checkup according to your schedule

3D Scanning

Your teeth will be scanned and digitally X-rayed for analysis


A treatment is suggested based on your unique case

Treatment plan

The next steps will be mapped out and scheduled


Aftercare plan is created to ensure long-term success

Price list

Prosthetics Consultation 45'

Diagnostics and planning


Ceramic Restorations

Repairing damaged or missing teeth using crowns, fillings, bridges or veneers

€485(1 unit)

Other Prosthetics and Appliances

Modelling and creating other custom crowns, bridges, trays or dentures to replace missing teeth

Starting from €150

for price details, please book a consultation

Emergency Dental Care

In the case of immediate pain, injury, chipping, etc. we will make time to deliver quick care

Starting from €75

Oral Health Visit 60'

Oral checkup visit including custom review, digital X-rays, 3D scanning, oral health advice, treatment and price schedule, professional referrals and financial planning if necessary